When I was little my dad had a little workshop in our basement. He’d make the best booby prizes for his golf trips. He’d make me and my sisters Halloween costumes. He like to paint and he even made me a home made “Death-star” planet out of basically junk. It was great. He had a few boxes of just parts and pieces of all kinds of things. I started making stuff too. Rubber band guns, my own toy rifle, then I started modifying my matchbox cars. I loved Mad-max movies and wanted cars like that. I even made a scenery on an old bread tray like they load on the trucks. I used spray insulation and made a fort in it out of the “trees” of plastic left after you put a model together. Wire, nails and I covered the bottom with sand. The model train setups inspired me but they were just kind of boring to a little boy who likes sci-fi stuff. Wish we had digital cameras then. I got picks of the Halloween costumes and the “Death-star”  I’ll have to scan someday.

HPIM2570 HPIM2571 HPIM2572 HPIM2573

DSC01218 DSC01217 DSC01216 DSC01215 DSC01214 DSC01213 DSC01212 DSC01211 DSC01210 DSC01207 DSC01206 DSC01205 DSC01204 DSC01203 DSC01202 DSC01201 DSC01200 DSC01199 DSC01198 DSC01197 DSC01196 DSC01195 DSC01194 DSC01193 DSC01192 DSC01191 DSC01190 DSC01189 DSC01188

Lots of super glue! Could explain a few things. But not bad for a little kid.


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