Radio Control Vehicles

Hilux Scaler Video 1

Hilux Scaler Video 2

There are a lot of RC photo’s on my photobucket, so browse around.

I’ve been doing RC vehicles for a long time. I got out of it a for a while and when I came back there’s a new world to me of  “Scalers” and “Crawlers”. Check out my Nostalgia page for some cool stuff I did as a kid.

I find it’s a great way to be creative and learn new skills. The possibilities are endless.

Click on the “RED” labels to go to for full build threads.


Here’s my first scale build.

Photobucket 1

Photobucket 2 



My second custom build.




I’ve made my own winch out of a servo mounted in the bed of the truck under the tool box. Ran tubing to the front of the truck for the line. I made sway bars you can disconnect but you don’t have to remove any thing, just loosen some set screws. Below I put pictures of my adjustable pull pal/land anchor. Not real scale but I think it just looks cool. Plus mine is adjustable. You can pick different angles depending on soil/rock conditions.  And can’t forget the scale tools and shovels.

DSC01365 DSC01366 DSC01368 DSC01371



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