2 comments on “Orchids and Air Plants Page added

  1. How do you protect your plants from your cat? Mine have systematically destroyed all the adorable baby spider plants I had in the fall.

  2. It’s not easy with these little girls. Luckily I have a wire shelf most stay on and I have really nice grow lights. The orchids I have on a built in window shelf but had moved them for the photos. You can try spraying vinegar on the pots and around them. They say cats can still smell it after it drys. I’ve had a few knocked over. And plenty mauled! Most all will go outside when spring comes.
    Kittens and plants don’t mix to well! Makes it a challenge. Good luck! I’ll post some pic’s of my shelves.
    And I really like your posts! I love your subject matter. I’m not a big reader but you write really well and it’s entertaining!

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